Sam Kriss


How Marine Le Pen Dominated Her Andrew Marr Interview

And why that can't happen again.


If You Thought Britain Got Worse Post-Brexit, Just Wait for What's Coming Next

Giving an outspoken bigot the biggest job in politics is going to embolden the UK's right-wing xenophobes more than the Leave vote ever could.


Why Momentum Must Not Fire Jackie Walker Over Her 'Anti-Semitism' Scandal

She's already been suspended from Labour. To fire her from the pro-Corbyn group would be a huge mistake.


Why I Need to See Tony Blair in Prison

Like a spoiled child or an incontinent dog, Blair still doesn't understand what he did.


All Hail 'Tronc': the Dystopian Future of Media Content

The growing inability of words to have meaning.


Why Marching In An Anti-Nuclear Rally Is Both Logical and Completely Futile

It feels stupid to have to set out the case against Trident, Britain's massive "nuclear deterrent" – mostly, let's not kill ourselves and everyone we love.


The UK's VIP Visa Lounge in Dubai Sums Up Our Hypocrisy

A "platinum lounge" has opened at a Dubai mall's UK visa application centre, with snacks, wifi and queue-jumping. Could there be anything more un-British?


What the British Left Learned in 2015

Discovering 'Pasokification' and other important lessons.


Is Israel Trying to Spark an Intifada?

The Israeli government insists that it wants peace more than anything, but sending agent provocateurs to carry out an impromptu kneecapping is a pretty weird way of going about it.


The EU Referendum Is Just a Civil War Between Two Separate Factions of Britain's Business Class

There's one question framing the debate: what's best not for the people of Britain, but for their bosses?


Forcing Striking Workers to Wear Armbands Is an Attempt to Humiliate Them Into Submission

Britain's Trade Union Bill will turn trade unions into collections of individuals wearing silly armbands.


Minions Are Taking Over the World, and It's All Your Fault

If you're reading this, chances are you hate the Minions. But have you ever stopped and thought: why?