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If You Jog in a City, Here's Why It's Vital to Choose the Right Route

Pollution isn't quite so bad that it completely cancels the benefits of a run, but you're not helping yourself by jogging on a main road.

Niloufar Haidari

A London Council Declared 'Climate Emergency' as It Destroyed a Wildlife Garden

Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden in Lewisham was a green oasis.

Simon Childs

Ten Thousand Kids Protested Climate Change in London

We took photos so you can see what that looked like.

VICE Staff

Britain's Youth Face a Triple Crisis: Knife Crime, Education and Climate Change

On the day of the second student climate strike, Lewisham's 16-year-old Young Mayor writes about the problems he and his class-mates face.

Adam Abdullah

How the Worldwide Youth Climate Strikes Came to Be

Greta Thunberg's one-woman strike has grown to become one of the largest student-led demonstrations in history.

VICE Staff

Jeremy Corbyn Is Rightly Talking About Climate Change as a Class Issue

Is Labour going to give the UK a Green New Deal?

Eve Livingston

The Activists Going On 'Birth Strike' to Protest Climate Change

"I don't think it's an acceptable risk to bring children into the world – the likelihood of a safe future for them has to increase dramatically first."

Simon Doherty

Barbecue Weather in Winter Should Freak Us All Out

The bizarre existential dread that comes with weather that's actually nice before Pancake Day.

Joe Sandler Clarke

The Grandmas Fighting Fracking One Dance Party at a Time

"If you're a nana with a bad hip, that makes you one of our best fighters: no cops are going to want to touch you."

Dominique Sisley

The Workers Who Wanted to Stop Making Weapons and Start Waging War on Climate Change

In the 1970s, workers at a defence manufacturer in Lancashire came up with a radical idea to start making things that would be better for society.

Casper Hughes

The $1 Trillion Storm: How a Single Hurricane Could Rupture the World Economy

Climate change and a potentially vulnerable insurance market could combine in a disaster that starts in South Florida but hits the entire globe.

Geoff Dembicki

What Radical Climate Protesters XR Are Planning Next

We went to the radical climate group's offices to hear their plans for civil disobedience.

Emily Goddard