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Some Good News About the Environment! (But Also Some Bad!)

Consider this your handy guide through the blizzard of terrifying UN reports, electioneering and pseudo-science.

Matthew Neale

Everything You Need to Know Before Attending Your First Protest

If you're planning on skipping school to attend the Fridays For Future march, you should come prepared.

Dominique Sisley

This Photographer Shows Us the Pollution We Can’t See for Ourselves

Flying 300 meters above land, J. Henry Fair uncovers everyday environmental catastrophes you probably didn’t know existed.

Edoardo Liotta

These Climate Change Arguments Need to Die

Recent climate protests have been met with a wave of dangerous cynicism that needs to be defeated.

Joe Sandler Clarke

Your Rich Friend Who Goes On Ski Holidays Could Save the Planet

At least, according to the climate justice campaign group Protect Our Winters.

Tristan Kennedy

The UK Has Declared a Climate Emergency: What Now?

We spoke to Labour and Green MPs about the realities of saving the world.

Michael Segalov

What the Left Can Learn from Extinction Rebellion

There are plenty of criticisms to be made of XR, but how can the wider left build on the movement's successes?

Chris Saltmarsh

The 'Greenwashing' Hiding the Truth of Your Favourite Fashion Brands

High street brands might talk about "ethics" and "sustainability", but that doesn't mean they're actually doing anything ethical or sustainable.

Sophie Slater

Extinction Rebellion Protesters Reflect On Their Campaign

"I was totally on a higher vibration, being connected to nature and stuff. This has been a massive hug."

Rhys Thomas

These Items Represent the Extinction Rebellion Protests

Every movement has its visual signifiers. Here are XR's.

Nicole Garcia Merida

We Asked Extinction Rebellion: What Comes Next?

Co-founder Gail Bradbrook realises they haven't got everything totally right, but is quietly optimistic they'll get the government to the bargaining table.

Michael Segalov

The Police Tried to Ruin Extinction Rebellion's Week-One Party

The cops took a sound system from Marble Arch last night.

Michael Segalov