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Watch This Cool Little Documentary About Steve Albini's Poker Triumph

'Albini Cashes In' takes a look at the legendary record producer's unlikely triumph at a World Series of Poker event last summer.
Alex Robert Ross
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I Got My Phone Stolen, Lost My Friends But Still Believe in Desert Daze

In a year of reckoning, the festival reminds us that counterculture might change, but it can't be killed.
Andrea Domanick
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The Guide to Getting into Steve Albini, Studio Whiz and Noise-Rock Freak

Between his catalogues by Big Black, Shellac, and Rapeman, to his work behind the boards for everyone from Nirvana to Cloud Nothings, the iconoclast has created one of the most impressive bodies of work in modern music.
David Anthony
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Steve Albini Won a Major World Series of Poker Event Over the Weekend

The legendary producer and Shellac/Big Black frontman took home $106,000 after winning the $1,500 Seven Card Stud event on Saturday night.
Alex Robert Ross

I Spent 24 Hours with Greenpeace on Their Latest Illegal London Action

I joined the group as they wheeled a polar bear the size of a double-decker bus in front of Shell HQ.
Michael Segalov

We Watched Greenpeace Park a Gigantic Polar Bear Outside Shell's London HQ This Morning

The protesters hope to remain locked up inside the double-decker bus sized beast until Shell stop drilling in the Arctic.
Michael Segalov, Photos: Jake Lewis

Are Shell Trying to Make a Climate Change Film That Ignores Their Arctic Oil Drilling?

A filmmaker who entered a competition for the oil company was told not to mention Arctic oil, one of its most environmentally damaging projects.
Michael Segalov

A Massive Pipe Came Loose in an Atlantic Gas Field and Irish Environmentalists Are Not Happy

800 metres of piping came loose and started floating about in the sea, but the Environmental Protection Agency won't actually go there to investigate.
Norma Costello

How Police Brutality Brought Gas Flares to a Peaceful Irish Fishing Village

The people of Rossport didn't want gas extraction to start near their homes, but their resistance was met by the swinging batons of the cops.
Norma Costello

ATP is dying but does the flannel-clad utopia of watching Shellac every year have to be over?

What's going to happen to Neutral Milk Hotel now? Will they have to teach sixth form?
Oscar Rickett