Amaal's Intimate R&B Shows that Love Is Hard Work

The Somali Canadian singer went from making protest music to analyzing the blind spots in her love life on her debut EP, 'Black Dove'.
Kristin Corry
Black Women Making History

This Somali Culture Zine Looks Amazing

Safy Hallan Farah's '1991' zine will feature beautiful images and writing culled from the brightest young minds across the Somali diaspora.
Eve Peyser

Spaghetti and Bananas Is Somali Comfort Food

"You have to have a piece of banana with your meal. If you don’t have that, it’s kind of not complete."
Nick Rose
New Neighbours

All the Gaffes I've Made Since Arriving in the UK

I'd never been to a big shopping centre before. How was I supposed to know you're not allowed to take your trousers off?
Mohamed Muumin
noisey party

Party for a Good Cause with Us, Logan Sama, P Money and More

Charity Road to Freedom are putting on a night with Noisey on Thursday 15 June, to raise money for the Somalia famine.
Noisey UK Staff
The Morning Bulletin

The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

Pret a Manger claims it will be impossible to hire enough staff after Brexit, a healthcare backlash, feminine traffic lights and much more.
Lee Zachariah
African food

How Our East African Supper Club Helps Fight Prejudice

My heritage is challenged on a daily basis and food is one very peaceful way of fighting back.
Fozia Ismail and Edwina Bruford

Fleeing Civil War, A Somali Performance Artist Finds Refuge in Minnesota | #50StatesofArt

Ifrah Mansour shares her experience as a Somali-born performance artist living in Minneapolis.
Ifrah Mansour

"All We Know Is Violence:" Seattle-Based Somali Rap Crew Malitia Malimob Talks War and Peace

Watch the gritty new video for "Physical World" from a hip-hop collective that aims to fight the media propaganda and negative stereotypes of Africans through music.
Devon Leger
diaspora football clubs

Tiger Bay FC: The Welsh Football Club Representing a Displaced Community

Tiger Bay are not the average Welsh lower-league side, with every player and staff member at this small club either a first or second-generation immigrant. VICE Sports travelled to Cardiff to find out more.
Jim Weeks

How the Internet Became a Home for Displaced Somalis

Somalis are one of the most displaced ethnic groups in the world, but the internet has helped them preserve their relationships and culture.
Najma Sharif

Mustafah Abdulaziz Travelled the World Looking for Water

To mark the UN's World Water Day I caught up with the photographer to talk about his latest project, which looks at how different cultures perceive water, the exploitation this leads to and the challenges we face to preserve our planets most vital...
Mustafah Abdulaziz, Words: Grey Hutton