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Worst Take of the Week: I Set My Trainers on Fire vs Let Bannon Speak!

A USA special!
Angus Harrison
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Trump Is Bad for Everyone

Lots of people were eager to jump on the Trump train, but it turns out that train is more a rollercoaster that inevitably ends suddenly in a brick wall.
Harry Cheadle
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Tommy Robinson's Right-Hand Man: 'I Embrace the Label of Far-Right'

The ex-EDL leader's key backer denied links to the far-right on a BBC interview, but another prominent supporter told attendees at a recent "Free Tommy Rally" to "embrace" and "help change the perception" of the label.
Simon Childs

Is It 'Javanka' or 'Jarvanka'? An Investigation

What should we call Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump?
Eve Peyser
Steve Bannon

Bannon Is a Shitty Barbarian

Steve Bannon has made lots of headlines since leaving the White House, most recently for allegedly trying to infiltrate Facebook in 2016. But is he all hype?
Eve Peyser
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Why Is Far Right News Outlet Breitbart Tweeting Taylor Swift Lyrics?

Steve Bannon's back, and he's apparently really into Swift's new single, "Look What You Made Me Do."
Noisey Staff

DC Restaurant Lowers Drink Prices Every Time Trump Fires a Senior White House Official

There will probably be many impromptu happy hours to come.
Alex Swerdloff
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11 Photos of a Very Angry Steve Bannon

Bannon is out of the Trump White House, and "fully unchained".
Eve Peyser

An Astrologer Predicts the Fate of Everyone in the White House

She told us that trouble is coming in August.
VICE Staff
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Steve Bannon Lost His Seat on the National Security Council

The decision, handed down by Trump's new national security adviser, is just one of a series of changes to the council.
Drew Schwartz
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Steve Bannon's Sad, Desperate Crusade

More than a prophet or a mastermind, Trump's strategist is just an angry, bitter dreamer.
John Saward
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White House Blocks Three Major Media Outlets from Friday's Press Briefing

Right-wing media outlet Breitbart was let in, while journalists from the AP and 'TIME' declined to attend.
Lauren Messman