The VICE Guide to Mental Health


Eight Ways to Improve Men's Mental Health in the UK

There are no easy answers, but a recent east London charity event laid out options to make ill health feel less overwhelming.


How Exactly Might Magic Mushrooms Work as an Anti-Depressant?

Could this be a new mental health breakthrough?


When Are We Going to Stop Marginalising Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Patients?

The government has all but abandoned the vital issue of race in mental health treatment – a frightening reality when you consider that the number of people from BME groups being admitted for crisis care vastly outweigh any other.


Female Hormones Can Make a Bloody Mess of Your Mental Health

It's time people took the mental repercussions of periods seriously.


My Fear of Vomit: The Nightmare of Living with Emetophobia

The one thought that completely invades my brain when I'm awake (and even, at times, in my sleep) is: "Will I vomit today?"


Prisons Are Acting as De Facto Mental Health Facilities for Indigenous Australians

Australia's correctional system is all too frequently the first place of treatment for indigenous people with mental issues.


You Have No Idea What the Term 'Depressed' Really Means Until It Devours You

"Depression" was a just a word to me before, like "sandals" or "matinée". Now, I get a pang in my chest whenever I hear it and the memories of desperate, dark sadness flicker behind my eyes.


The Life, Death and Possible Resurrection of the Asylum

Half a century ago, state mental hospitals closed after a series of horrific abuses – but in the aftermath, many mentally ill people were forced onto the streets or into jails. Now some are arguing it's time to bring these institutions back.


The Internet Is Not a Doctor

"The internet is the biggest source of misinformation about mental health that has ever been created," says Dr Robert Epstein, mental health expert and former Psychology Today editor-in-chief.


Why Mental Health Disorders Emerge in Your Early Twenties

Drugs, casual sex, leaving home and getting a job – being a young adult is fucking stressful.


Welcome to The VICE Guide to Mental Health

The state of our minds in 2015.


LGBT Mental Health: Are We Doing Enough?

The results of a five-year-long study have found that 48 percent of young trans people had attempted suicide and that 34 percent of young LGB people had made at least one suicide attempt in their lives.