The YouTubers Union Is Not Messing Around

The YouTubers Union has joined forces with Europe's largest trade union to fight for a fairer platform.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Wetherspoons bans dogs for being too "unpredictable".


Meeting the McStrikers at McDonald's First Ever UK Strike

Workers in Crayford and Cambridge are fighting for improved pay and working conditions.


More Australian Cricketers Are Lining Up To Stick It To The Man

Australian wicketkeeper Mathew Wade is the latest to pledge his solidarity with the union.


Ten Veteran Organizers on the Key to Effective Activism

"Nothing ever changes in Washington—or at any level of government—until regular people stand up and demand change."


People Are Protesting Harrods for Keeping Its Waitstaff's Tips

The London department store has been accused of pocketing 75 percent of the tips earned by staff in its cafes and restaurants.


The New Fighters Association Is Not, Repeat Not, a Union

Faced with an incoming Republican administration, the UFC's labour agitators have settled for what they can get.


Cassetteboy Has Dunked Jeremy Hunt to the Tune of Village People's "Y.M.C.A"

"I remember when I did a shit in an A&E last year," says a remixed Jeremy Hunt speech, "I looked up at the doctors and said I hope my policy is clear."


Oil-Refinery Workers in Texas Picketed for Their Lives

On the 1st of February, 2015, one minute after midnight, 3,800 workers walked off the job at nine oil refineries around the US, claiming that they were working under unsafe conditions.


Harald Hauswald's Photos Shaped Our Generation's Perception of East Germany

I spoke with him about state-sponsored hooligans and smuggling rolls of films from the West to the East of Germany.


Swiss Lips Union - Part Two

The second part of the month-long Swiss Lips Union party lasted two whole days.


Be a Porn Writer in Seven Easy Steps

Take solace in the fact that for every word you write, there's a man ejaculating on a piece of glossy paper.