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Phone Photos from the Anti-Government Revolt in Algeria

The protests have successfully ousted the country's 82-year-old leader. Sort of.
Louis Dabir
4 days ago
refugee crisis

Smugglers Are Stealing Fishing Boats to Ferry Migrants Across the Channel

Brexit might be encouraging them to take more risks.
Timothée Vinchon
Sophie Bourlet

A Night with the 'Shower Boys' of Paris

In the city's Marais district, naked male strippers take a shower in the middle of a bar.
Pauline Verduzier
syrian war

How Syrians Are Rebuilding the Monuments Destroyed By ISIS

A French restoration company is working with locals to restore their most important cultural artefacts.
Pierre Longeray

Photos from the Epicentre of DR Congo's Ebola Crisis

Nearly 500 people have died in the country's tenth Ebola outbreak in 40 years.
Gaël Cloarec

Wheelies and Crashes with France's Teenage Bike Crews

Photographer Théo Campredon spent last summer capturing the best stunt riders in the south of the France.
Théo Campredon
The Middle East

Deafened by the War on ISIS

Thousands of Iraqis, collateral victims of the war on the terrorist group, have found themselves left with war deafness that goes untreated.
Sebastian Castelier
Azhar Al-Rubaie

How Trans Sex Workers in Paris Are Coming Together to Stay Safe

A recent law change has led to a rise in the number of violent attacks on sex workers in France.
Manon Walquan
Edouard Richard

Photos from a Druid Ceremony, in Case You Wondered What That Looks Like

I joined some French druids at their annual autumn equinox.
Alexandra Scappaticci-Martin
gilets jaunes

Paris's Luxury Shops Are Boarding Up in Preparation for the Gilets Jaunes Protests

Demonstrations in Paris normally stick to the east of the city, away from the expensive tourist areas. But the latest protests have targeted the good stuff.
VICE Staff
Yellow Vest Movement

Protesting With the LGBTQ Activists Criticised for Supporting France's 'Gilets Jaunes' Movement

Some have accused the Committee for Queer Liberation and Autonomy for taking part in a movement that has been supported by the far-right.
Matthieu Foucher

I Treat People Who Believe They've Been Abducted By Aliens

Nicholas Dumont is the go-to psychologist for people who are certain they've met aliens.
Paul Douard