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My Partner's Twitch Stream Transformed Our Sex Life

Talking about sex with an audience of strangers became a new kind of foreplay.
Stephen Wilds
Video Games

Three Prominent Video Game Developers Accused of Sexual Assault in One Day

Developers who worked on 'Gears of War 4' and 'Night in the Woods' have been accused of sexual assault.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Welcome to 'Borderlands 3', Where You Can Shoot a Brain in a Jar With Legs

The latest iteration of the Gearbox shooter offers a billion guns and a slew of ludicrous things to shoot them at.
Joel Golby
Video Games

The Oral History of 'GTA: London'

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release on Playstation, we spoke to some of the team involved in making the game.
Marcus Raymond

The World's Best 'FIFA' Player Was Crowned at the ePremier League Final

Sitting next to his mum, we watched 17-year-old F2Tekkz take the title.
Mark Wilding
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Tony Hawk Ranks His Video Game Soundtracks

The world's most legendary skateboarder takes a look back at his long-running video game series and plays favourites with its influential soundtracks.
Brendan Menapace
Video Games

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is the Only World in Which I've Ever Felt Guilt

The real skill of the AAA gaming blockbuster is its ability to make you feel bad.
Joel Golby
Video Games

I'm Obsessed with this Video Game That Lets Me Be a Monster-Cooking Battle Chef

This may sound like a ridiculous concept for a video game—but like lots of ridiculous things, there’s something exciting at the core of it.
Lizzy Saxe

What It's Like to Fall in Love Inside a Video Game

Though usually a forum for competitive bloodbaths, some have actually found romance in the digital realm of video games.
Justin Caffier
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This New Orleans DIY Band Make Hooky 80s Music to Dance to

They're called Sexy Dex and the Fresh and we're premiering their new video “Play Me Birdie” today.
Daisy Jones

Gamers Are So Obsessed with Fortnite that They're Making Real Slurp Juice

"It didn't actually taste that bad... It tasted like when you eat something sweet after brushing your teeth."
Luke Winkie
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The 17 Best Video Games to Play High

Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list.
Beckett Mufson