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Punk Legend Viv Albertine Wrote a Thriller About Her Own Life

When the former Slits guitarist starting writing 'To Throw Away Unopened,' she set out to write a novel. Six months in, she realized the most gripping story of family turmoil was her own.
Katherine Barner

Viv Albertine Has Used Her Rage to Write Herself into Punk History

The Slits’ guitarist has released a second memoir, 'To Throw Away Unopened', and talks to us about how it tackles class, anger and family.
Hannah Ewens
BFI London Film Festival 2017

The Slits Are Refusing to Be Written Out of Music History

A new documentary retells the story of punk from the perspective of its most unapologetic band.
Alexandra Pollard

The First Official Trailer for The Slits Documentary Is Here, and We Interviewed the Director

As he finishes up piecing together their story, William Badgley gives us a better idea about what it will look, sound and feel like.
Internet Exploring

There's a Kickstarter for the World's First Documentary About The Slits

'Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits' will finally tell the story of a band that was not willing to be contained within a gender, musical style, time period or art form.
Emma Garland
punk in love

In Romanticising Riot Grrrl, We’ve Forgotten the Women of UK Punk That Paved The Way

Bands like Bikini Kill have been credited for inspiring a new generation of creative women, but X-Ray Spex and The Slits provided me with an outlet for all the frustrations I felt as a girl growing up in Britain.
Emma Garland

A Brief History of British Sex Education

We've moved on from the 1930s videos depicting the sex habits of sticklebacks, mould and flirtatious spiders, but school teachers still feel the British sex education curriculum is wildly out of date.
Emily Mackay