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Libya in Vitro

Last summer, we met Mohammed and Nadia, a couple from Tripoli who had left their distressed home for six months to live in Jordan. They hoped to conceive through in vitro fertilization with the help of one of the country's best doctors, and full...

by Matt Yoka
Jan 10 2013, 3:46pm

After Libya's revolution in 2011, tens of thousands of citizens wounded in bloody guerilla battles needed good hospitals and doctors the war-torn country didn't have. As a quick fix, the interim government established a medical program for Libya's patients, sending them to some 44 countries with the promise that their medical bills would be covered. And because of its historic ties with Libya and its high-quality, under-utilized medical facilities, Jordan quickly became the top destination for Libya's post-revolution wounded. Beginning soon after the death of Gaddafi in October 2011, Amman's hospitals and hotels saw an influx of Libyans—a dozen per week were arriving at one point—and soon, a mounting tab of IOUs from Libya.

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