in vitro

  • Science Wants to Grow Chicken in a Test Tube

    First came the $325,000 lab-grown burger. Now a group of Israeli scientists want to tackle that other protein found on every store-bought salad and deli panini: the humble chicken.

  • How to Harvest Meat from a Pig That's Still Alive

    Imagine a world in which we could simply harvest a sausage or two from a neighborhood pig, who keeps on living to oink another day. That's the vision proposed by The In Vitro Meat Cookbook, a conceptual guide to the future of food.

  • Libya in Vitro

    Last summer, we met Mohammed and Nadia, a couple from Tripoli who had left their distressed home for six months to live in Jordan. They hoped to conceive through in vitro fertilization with the help of one of the country's best doctors, and full...