Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week

Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: An $850 Per Month Closet

Hey, there's a mirror and a place to hang your clothes.

by Allison Tierney
Apr 15 2017, 1:16pm

All photos via Craigslist

Renting in Toronto is a nightmare. If you don't already know this in your heart, there are plenty of stories out there to support this claim. That's why we will be bringing you the Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week.

This week, we have this incredible walk-in closet (erm, bedroom) going for $850/month located near University of Toronto campus. It's a great location!

Screenshot via Craigslist

Here's some highlights of the rental:

-It comes with a "closet storage system," which could be either describing the clothing rack hanging over the end of the bed, or the room in general
-A used bed (twin-size of course)
-$850 monthly rent (which seems pretty high for a closet, I dunno) and does not include utilities except hydro
-The "bedroom" (aka closet) is windowless
-A mirror to look in and wonder to yourself wtf you are doing with your life
-"Newest apartment building on Spadina Crescent" (slightly less chance that it's infested with cockroaches)
-Sublet from May 1 to September 1, with the possibility of extending the lease after (but why?)

The ad ends with the following statement:

"There could not be a better location for a student in the summer!"

There you have it: An $850 large closet without windows, air conditioning, and most certainly with random roommates who are not mentioned whatsoever in the listing is an ideal living situation for a student in the summer.

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