Never See Your Favorite Characters in the Same Way Again, Thanks to 'Spore'

YouTube user DarkEdgeTV has pushed the limits of the 'Spore' creature creator to achieve some seriously striking results.

Feb 10 2017, 7:34pm

Above: DarkEdgeTV's version of Crash Bandicoot, as created in Spore. Courtesy of DarkEdgeTV

Remember Spore? Polygon's Monster Factory series may have breathed a little new life into it, but the oft-maligned evolution sim has maintained a devoted following since its launch, and given years to mod the game and hone their creature creation skills many of them are currently producing some downright amazing lifeforms.

My favorite of those creators is easily Rebecca1208, also known as DarkEdgeTV on YouTube. Even though I haven't touched the game for myself since it came out, there's absolutely no denying the artistry and eye for detail demonstrated in her creations. But more than that, Rebecca1208 also draws on some shockingly broad inspiration.

But where to even begin? Maybe you'd like to see her takes on Pokémon Sun/Moon's starters (and their evolutions). Or if you're a feeling a little more retro, there's Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. Make sure to take the time to watch dance and move around near the end of their respective videos, trust me. In fact, here. Just... here:

(If the timestamp doesn't work, just jump ahead to 4:35. Trust me.) 

What about Monster Hunter's classic beast, the Great Jaggi, the obstinate but lovable Trico from The Last Guardian, or the angelic healer Mercy from Overwatch? If you'd prefer something a little less cuddly there's the primal Ravana from Final Fantasy XIV. Maybe you want to branch out from games, though. In that case, Rebecca1208's got you covered with this pegasus, or this feathered wyvern, or this beefy smilodon, or even this intensely detailed dragon skeleton. She's even got some anime in the mix, with Haku from Spirited Away.

Also: Deadpool. Really:

Whatever your feelings about Marvel's "merc with a mouth," you have to admit, that's him. That's him right there. In Spore.

If you'd like to try your own hand at breathing life into some virtual flesh/clay, you'll need a little more than just a PC copy of Spore to get started. Rebecca1208 lists her mods of choice as Force Save, Dark Injections, and CamBen Color Pack, but you'll need a fairly capable computer too. Spore itself might be old enough that it won't tax your system, but a creature hacked together out of hundreds of distinct components could. 

Crashes during the preview phase aren't uncommon where the most detailed and elaborate creations are concerned, and if you were hoping to actually play the game with them… Well maybe it's best to think of them like the good Barbies you had to keep in their box on a shelf, not the ones you got to jam around the sandbox. Just with a few more fangs and spines.

But if, like me, you're happy to spectate while master creature creators like Rebecca1208 keep doing their thing, be sure to check out her YouTube channel for even more of her work.