Orgasm Ping Pong Is Perfectly Awkward

Everyone loves a game with paddles.

by DJ Pangburn
May 2 2016, 8:25pm

Screencap by the author, via

The human orgasm is, in its final analysis, often as much about sound as it is feeling. Someone experiencing an orgasm can be barely perceptible in their breathy pleasure, and at other times, wildly theatrical. In an interactive celebration of orgasmic vocalizations, Boston-based artist Daniel Barreto has combined orgasm sounds with ping pong in his humorous installation, Awkward Game. As seen in a video showcasing the installation, every time players strike a ball, various orgasm sounds get triggered.

“Two contact microphones are connected to each side of the table sending and input signal to MaxMSP,” Barreto tells The Creators Project. “I programmed Max to scan from a list of several orgasms listed from soft to hard. As you play more the noises will become more intense.”

And just how does ping pong relate to orgasms? Well, when there are paddles involved, there isn’t much left to the imagination.

Awkward Game from Daniel Barreto on Vimeo.

Click here to see more of Daniel Barreto’s work.


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