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Did Xiu Xiu Just Drop a New Music Video on Pornhub?

Yes. Yes they did. (Extremely fucking NSFW.)

by Dan Ozzi
Feb 11 2014, 6:52pm

Xiu Xiu's new music video truly is the internet. If you were to look at a pie graph of people's search history, the two biggest chunks would be adorable cats and hardcore porn, with very tiny slivers for things like emailing loved ones and 4 A.M. WebMD searches. Well, the Calfifornia band seem entirely aware of this which is why their new video for "Black Dick" caters to what the people want, featuring nothing but cats being cute and fuck scenes featuring giant black cocks.

But since you can't really drop a music video called "Black Dick" with those squares at YouTube, Xiu Xiu went to the YouTube of internet filth: PornHub, where it currently has five 100% positive votes. Well, done, Xiu Xiu. You have truly mastered the internet. Except that you listed it in the "shemale" category and eventually, porn freaks are gonna get pretty pissed when they find there are no chicks with dicks in this thing.*

Watch it for yourself below. Needless to say, this is pretty much why the phrase NSFW was invented:

[*CORRECTION: There are lots of chicks with dicks in the video. Calm down, you perverts.]

BLACK DICK brought to you by PornHub