Fight with History's Greatest Scientists in an 8-Bit Game

Great science scholars of history become deadly action heroes in 'Science Kombat.'

by The Creators Project
Mar 2 2016, 6:45pm

Darwin by Diego Sanches. All image courtesy the artist © Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

History's greatest science scholars become deadly action heroes in Science Kombat, a collection of pixel animations by Diego Sanches. The Sao Paulo-based illustrator weds his love of science with retro gaming to imagine a series of special attacks from scientists like Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton or Marie Curie. The eight playable figures were commisioned by Superinteressante magazine for one of their "newsgames" that they are currently producing and will launch in April of this year. The newsgame itself was created by Otavio Cohen and Fred Di Giacomo Rocha employing the illustration/animations of Sanches. Each character has six basic attacks and two special power attacks. The idea is to make the link between the powers of each scientist with his of her discoveries and inventions. All of the attacks are obviously based on the scientific findings of these geniuses, but also, it's probably the only opportunity we're going to have to see Stephen Hawking teleport through a worm hole to kick some ass. 

Check out these action figures below:

Isaac Newton’s Optical Attack

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Einstein’s Relativity Attack

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Stephen Hawking’s Worm Hole Tactic

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Pythagoras’ Theorem Attack

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Marie Curie’s Polonium Attack

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray

© Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril

To learn more about the artist, click here, and click here to visit Superinteressante magazine. 

This article orginally appeared on The Creators Project France. 


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