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Lightning Goalie Ben Bishop Takes Puck to the Nuts in Warmups

Lightning goalie Ben Bishop's testicles had an unfortunate meeting with a puck before the game even started.
May 25, 2015, 12:14am

Game 5 between the Rangers and Lightning is about to start in a few minutes but in the pre-game warmup, Ben Bishop had to take a few minutes for himself after he took a puck right to the testicles. Bishop absorbed the shot, but he absorbed it in the worst possible spot. Watching a guy get hit in the nuts is always perversely enjoyable, but for my money the best part is the way he just flicks the puck away as if to say "you bastard. Get away from me."

Of all the sports...balls, for lack of a better term, to get hit in the nuts with, a hockey puck is probably the worst. Except for maybe a baseball. Or a golf ball. Or, actually, maybe a football (non-Brady division). You know what, they all sound terrible, so let's just get back to laughing.

Bishop skated it off and surely will be in the crease once the puck drops.