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Explore a 3D Environment Made of Magritte Paintings

Shattered sunsets and 3D apples abound in animator Ali Eslami's reconstructed

by Beckett Mufson
Feb 26 2015, 5:00pm

Images courtesy the artist

Wish you could get a little deeper into the surreal paintings of René Magritte? Using the Unreal Engine, animator Ali Eslami invites you into a virtual room constructed from scenes from the Belgian painter's physics-defying repertoire, including the famous apple from The Listening Room (1952), and the shattered sunset of Evening Falls (1964).

The project is Eslami's first demo created with the 3D developing suite, but not his first reimagining of famous artwork. Last year, he set an animation inside David Hockney's painting, The Pool, and was hooked. Magritte then proved the perfect inspiration for what he wanted to do next: "His work excites the mind and makes you discover novel, non-ordinary things," Eslami explains to The Creators Project. 

Take a closer look at the decidedly non-ordinary things he recreated in the video and images below, and keep your eyes peeled for notable works The Listening Room (1952), The Unexpected Answer (1933), The Domain Of Arnheim (1962), Call of Peaks (1943), and Evening Falls (1964).

Visit Ali Eslami's portfolio to see more of his medium-spanning experiments.


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