Dungeons & Dragons Is Now Part of the National Toy Hall of Fame

The National Museum of Play welcomed the beloved tabletop game to join its Hall of Fame, which already includes the swing set, Mr. Potato Head, and the Game Boy.

by VICE Staff
Nov 14 2016, 8:20pm

Photo via Flickr user Justin Ladia

After captivating the hearts of game lovers since its release in 1974 and briefly inciting nationwide moral panic, Dungeons and Dragons will join the Toy Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Play.

Last Thursday, the museum welcomed in the fantasy tabletop game to its class of 2016 inductees. Each year the public can write in to the museum to suggest toys for consideration, and this year, the committee of educators, historians, and curators felt that D&D was long overdue for a proper tribute. Past inductees include Mr. Potato Head, the Game Boy, and the regular old swing set.

"More than any other game, Dungeons and Dragons paved the way for older children and adults to experience imaginative play," Nic Ricketts, a curator at the Strong, said in statement. "It was groundbreaking. And it opened the door for other kinds of table games that borrow many of its unique mechanics."

After blowing up in the 1980s, D&D has remained a fixture for many fantasy lovers today. The Duffer Brothers made the game an integral part of their nostalgic Netflix hit, Stranger Things, and it's loved by many notable celebrities, including Game of Thrones producer D.B. Weiss.

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