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Spice Up Your Thanksgiving with This Korean Chili-Glazed Ham

For too many years ham has been baked in honey, and nothing else. It's time to add some fresh flavor to the mix.

by Munchies Staff
Nov 19 2016, 8:00pm
Photo by Janelle Jones

Thanksgiving is, hands down, the best eating day of the year. It can also be a little uncomfortable, because, you know, family. This year, with the post-election tension and impending sense of doom, we're a little more ambivalent about Thanksgiving than normal.

And while you might want to avoid your drunk uncle Cletus before dinner, it doesn't really matter what your political affiliation is once the food starts going around because everybody will be too busy stuffing their faces to argue about whether the apocalypse is literally imminent (and you guys, we hate to say it, but we're pretty sure it is).

Yes, food is the great unifier, but only if it's damn good. And while the traditional family stalwarts might have kept people happy for years, this Thanksgiving is different, and it's time to add fresh meat to the mix to give the everybody something to talk about. We suggest this gochujang-glazed ham.

RECIPE: Gochujang-Glazed Ham

For too many years ham has been baked in honey, and nothing else. And honey-baked ham is perfectly fine, but let's just call it what it is: boring. That's why you should should be glazing your ham in this Korean sauce of chilies and fermented soy beans. It's bold, it's pungent, and perhaps most important of all—it will give your ham the coating of cultural diversity and acceptance that we all really need in these troubling times.

We need to make Thanksgiving diverse again. But don't worry, the gochujang is also mixed with apple juice, maple syrup, espresso, and Worcestershire, so it will still taste familiar enough to keep uncle Cletus happy.