There's Nothing Babyish About This Homemade Applesauce

Throw mad shade at the babies and grandparents of the world with this homemade applesauce.

Mar 9 2017, 11:31pm

Alissa Wagner, the co-owner and chef of NYC's DIMES, recently stopped by the MUNCHIES test kitchen, and shared her recipe for what is quite possibly the greatest applesauce to ever grace the universe. 

Loaded with fancy-feeling ingredients like cardamom pods and fresh rosemary, this is most definitely not your  typical applesauce. Whether you want to dollop it on some spiced porridge with seedy granola or just silently devour spoonfuls of the stuff as you stand in front of your fridge in your underwear, Wagner's homemade applesauce has got your back. 

RECIPE: Homemade Applesauce

It's time to give the babies and grandparents of the world the middle finger and once and for all reclaim what is rightfully yours.