Why's Dean Blunt Selling Toy Cars and Some Weed on eBay?

We don't really know either.

Jan 14 2016, 2:50pm

Photo via eBay

Right, sorry to disappoint, but we don't actually have a definitive answer as to why everyone's favorite experimental producer and banter merchant Dean Blunt's has apparently taken to the online auction site to sell some toy cars and weed. We wish we knew why he was doing it. We think it might have something to do with an upcoming art show, but, given that it's Dean Blunt, it might just be that he's really bored or stoned or just actually really loves selling 1:18 scale reproductions of the Mini Coopers that Foxtons' estate agents drive. That'd be funny, wouldn't it.

Last week you could buy Ben Klock's banana, and now you can buy Dean Blunt's toy car. We love 2016. It is the best year ever. We hope it never ends.

Keep your eye on the auction here.