This Lobster and Chips Recipe Will Transport You to an English Seaside Town

This Lobster and Chips Recipe Will Transport You to an English Seaside Town

Forget about fish and chips, and indulge in buttery lobster claw meat paired with thick-cut fries, rosemary salt, and garlic aïoli.
May 10, 2016, 10:00pm

When you think of classic English fare served on quaint and breezy coasts, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the untouchable combination of fish and chips. But let's touch it for a second. Because fish is great, but hey—what about lobster?

Our red, spiny friends are, of course, not to be ignored in the canon of seaside food, whether you're in Maine or Cornwall. And they're well worth it for the fleeting moment of existential guilt that comes with stabbing them in the hed and tossing them in a pot of boiling water. You have taken part in the great circle of life, which thankfully includes garlic aïoli, rosemary salt, and thick-cut fries (or "chips," if you're of the British persuasion). This recipe is so very doable, even if you've never fished or set a trap in your life. Have a walk down to the fishmonger and see for yourself.

RECIPE: Lobster & Chips

This feast is yours this very evening. Dip the tail in melted butter. Pull hunks of beautiful white meat from the gangly pincers. And alternate bites with lovely, salty, herby slabs of fried potato.

Think of fish and chips as your wife, and lobster as your lovely mistress. And if you still feel a bit guilty, just enjoy a massive basket of those fabulous fries.