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Russian Street Gangs Are Hunting Down Dealers of Synthetic Weed

It's part hooliganism, part street justice, part public shaming, and all fucked.

by Brian Anderson
Feb 26 2013, 4:11pm

All the test-tube products in the burgeoning "legal highs" market are bad news, but this is just brutal. 

Nevermind that anti-drug sentiments already run pretty high throughout much of Russia--since last November, if we're to believe this Reddit thread, Russia has been bringing the hammer down on any and all sites with information on drug synthesis. These sites can still be accessed through the Tor browser on the Dark Web, sure, but with the possible exception of the effort has killed pretty much all sites believed to be enabling the manufacture and online distribution of drugs. Just today, apparently, cyber authorities in Moscow knocked out the Russian arm of the online drug resource

So in a shocking, or making not-so-shocking, response to what normally would be anonymous transactions in a digital marketplace eking their way into the real, live, IRL markplace, roaming bands of thugs are out and about in parts of Russia, looking for sellers. When they find someone, it's usually a matter of beating the guy, smashing up and marking his place (with yellow posters emblazoned with "I SELL DEATH" or "I KILL YOUR CHILDREN"), or both. It's part hooliganism, part street justice, part public shaming, and all fucked.   

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