The 6 Stages of Every Hangover | GIF Six-Pack

Here's how to recover from a hangover in GIF form.

by Beckett Mufson
Jan 6 2017, 3:50pm

Linda van Bruggen

The first week of the year, also known as New Years Eve Recovery Week, is almost over. We're still sleeping off our hangovers from 2016's final party, so here's a GIF report of how our recovery is going. A wide range of GIF artists capture the emotional lows and highs of each stage, from Linda van Bruggen's colorful animation of a party faux pas to Chkn's Simpsons-inspired nightmares and Zolloc's eerie embodiment of a cottonmouth-ridden tongue in bright pink and blue. Below, we invite you to pass out and relive our recovery with us so you can go into the weekend fresh and caffeinated.

Pass Out

Emilio's Pocket

Bad Dreams






Finally Get Out of Bed

Chris Timmons


Justin Gammon

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