Explore the Colorful, Surreal World of 'The Endless Express' for Free

Let this magical train take you somewhere you've never been before. Don't worry about a return ticket.

Mar 10 2017, 3:00pm

The thing that I love most about The Endless Express is that it takes one of the most unsettling experiences a person can have and seems to effortlessly turn it into something charming and comfortable.

In reality, getting lost in transit can be intensely stressful, even borderline nightmarish depending on how familiar you are with the area. Getting lost in a place I've never been before, with no real sense of how to get oriented again, is probably my own personal version of hell. With smartphones in many peoples' pockets this isn't quite the agony it once was, but even so it's not generally fun, especially when you factor transportation schedules into it all.

But The Endless Express offers no real reason to stress about where you are versus where you should be. The world you occupy is flat and bright and cartoonish, the trains never stop, and worse come to worse you can always call up your pocket dimension menu and retreat down to sort your inventory or fuss with your settings. It makes getting lost the curious adventure it should be, with none of the threat. Find new places, meet new people, stumble across things you would have never expected to find.

In this colorful adventure game (from the collected minds of Florian Veltman, Alexandre Taillefert, Martin Gugger, Felix Meunier and Baptiste Virot) the world runs on a schedule—but you don't. You have nowhere better to be than where you are… Wherever that is.

So hop trains.

See the world.

Enjoy your trip, wherever it takes you.

The Endless Express is available for Mac, Windows and Linux for free (or pay-what-you-want) over on itch.io.