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This Jacket Was Designed to Get You Wasted

Each jacket sports a bottle opener for a zipper, a beer koozie built into a pocket, slip-resistant drinking mitts, and a hidden flask pocket.

by Alex Swerdloff
Jan 20 2016, 4:00pm

Photo courtesy of The Drinking Jacket.

In a perfect world, pretty much every single item of clothing would also serve a culinary purpose. The sandals on our feet would double as spatulas. The ties around our necks would replace butchers' twine. Hell, even hands-free drinking helmets would finally find a purpose, replacing meat pounders as the go-to flatteners of choice.

The general public seems to agree, given the positive reception The Drinking Jacket has thus far received. For those of you philistines who might not yet be aware of The Drinking Jacket's majesty, we're here to tell you that it's basically just a jacket . . . made for drinking.

The alcohol-centric jacket is the brainchild of television host and comedian Zane Lamprey, a man who knows a thing or two about drinking, if you consider the number of shows—including Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy—that he has hosted on the subject. Not only is Lamprey the owner of a premium rum company called Monkey Rum, he also claims to have created the first television show to successfully be funded through Kickstarter, Chug.

Photo courtesy of The Drinking Jacket.

Lamprey's latest invention, The Drinking Jacket, has pretty much everything you will need for an evening of cold-weather debauchery. Each jacket sports a bottle opener for a zipper, a beer koozie built into a pocket, slip-resistant drinking mitts, and a hidden flask pocket. We spoke to Lamprey, who says that the concept for the jacket came about after he decided to put a bottle opener on the zipper of a sweatshirt. Not soon after, he felt the need to challenge himself and "see how many drink-centric innovations I could pack into a hoodie."

The Kickstarter to fund The Drinking Jacket was launched with an original goal of $50,000, yet was able to raise more than $574,000 by the end of the campaign, just one month later. Perhaps that's because pledges of more than $100 received a metal-detector-proof flask. Who wouldn't want that?

Half a million dollars is a lot of money for what some might construe as essentially a hoodie with a bottle opener and some larger-than-normal pockets. But who are we to pooh-pooh an entrepreneurial idea that could bring you comfort and warmth throughout a blustery winter?

After all, a study funded by BACtrack Breathalyzer (who else would you want to fund a drinking study?) says that people drink more in the winter. According to the study, the drunkest days of the year in America are the often-brisk-and-breezy St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, January 25 (we have no idea why), the day after Valentine's Day (we can guess why), and Super Bowl Sunday. On these days, Americans run around with a blood alcohol content of over .090 percent, the study says.

In other words, people like to drink when it's cold out. So why not help the process of cold-weather drinking with a blinged-out Drinking Jacket?

Now if only somebody would get off their ass and get to work on The Tonic Tunic and The Cake Cape, we'd really get this party started.

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