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Chef's Night Out: Pink Zebra

Prime rib, beef tartare, and dive bars are just the beginning when Jesse Koide of Pink Zebra takes us out for a splendorous night in beautiful San Francisco.

by Jesse Koide
May 26 2015, 2:45pm
Jesse Koide—formerly of Mission Chinese and the current owner and chef of Pink Zebra, a small "Mediterrasian" perma-popup—takes us out for a night on the town in San Francisco with his wife, Angela; his sushi chef, Ryo; and his friend Reilly.

They start their night at House of Prime Rib. The meal kicks off with a light salad prepared tableside ... then the prime rib cart comes through to deliver manhole-cover-sized slices of meat with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. While Jesse has trouble making a dent in his prime rib, Ryo ends up having another slice.

Next, the group is off to The Alembic in the Haight-Ashbury, where they catch the chef, Ted Fleury, just in time for one shot before he heads to—where else—House of Prime Rib. Jesse and friends then sit down for amazing cocktails, beef tartare, confit carrots, and bone marrow.

The final stop is a Mission dive bar called the Lone Palm—which somehow feels like both the 1920s and the 1980s—where they meet up with some of Jesse's (inebriated) staff. To cap the night off, Jesse and crew head back to Pink Zebra to cure their drunk munchies with katsudon donburi, a rice bowl with fried pork, egg, and onion.