Street Food and Fine Dining Collide at the Tiger Streats Dinner

At Tiger STREATS, a dinner series hosted by Tiger Beer, crowds gathered to experience the meeting of street food and fine dining.

Dec 22 2016, 2:00pm

At Tiger STREATS, a dinner series hosted by Tiger Beer, crowds gathered to experience the meeting of street food and fine dining. Curious eaters met at Indochine for a culinary experience in partnership with MUNCHIES to celebrate the chefs of two very different Michelin Star restaurants: Chan Hon Meng of Singapore's revered food stall Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Christopher Kostow of St. Helena, California's fine dining favorite, The Restaurant at Meadowood.

The chefs wowed the packed house of food lovers with their three-course meal. Over Tiger Beer, guests enjoyed Chef Kostow's inventive Whelk Lasagna Agretti followed by Hawker Chan's signature Soya Sauce Chicken Rice. The two ended the meal harmoniously with their collaborative dessert, Coconut Pudding with Tang Yuan and Red Bean.

Tiger STREATS was born out of Tiger Beer's desire to create shared experiences over food in today's increasingly polarized world. By bringing together a hawker from the world's first Michelin Star street food stall and the chef of a three Michelin Star fine dining restaurant, the event demonstrated to diners that we all sit closer together over food.

Commenting on the event, Mie-Leng Wong, Global Tiger Beer Director explained: "Asian food is made for sharing and Tiger Beer is the beer to share with it. It's a full bodied beer with bite that embraces all the different flavors of our food just as Tiger Beer has always embraced the diverse passions of Asia's creativity."

Photos and video from the evening below.


Chan Hon Meng and Christopher Kostow. All photos by Laura June Kirsch.
christopher-kostow-plating-whelk-lasagna-agretti-please-credit-laura-june-kirsch Christopher Kostow Plating Whelk Lasagna Agretti.


Guest Pouring Tiger Beer.
whelk-lasagna-agretti-1-please-credit-laura-june-kirsch Whelk Lasagna Agretti


Hawker Chan chopping chicken
soya-sauce-chicken-rice-please-credit-laura-june-kirsch Soya Sauce Chicken Rice


Guests Enjoying Food
coconut-pudding-with-tang-yuan-and-red-bean-served-please-credit-laura-june-kirsch Coconut Pudding with Tang Yuan and Red Bean being served.


Guests using ice breaker coasters
waitress-bringing-tiger-beer-to-guests-please-credit-laura-june-kirsch Server bringing Tiger beer to guests.

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