We Asked All the DJs Playing Minimal Effort's NYE Bash What Their 2016 Resolutions Are

You should probably take these professional party starters' advice.

Dec 23 2015, 2:00pm

For some, New Year's is a time for new beginnings, breaking bad habits, and chasing your wildest dreams—for others, it's just another excuse to party all night to some of the best music on earth. Whatever proverbial boat you fall into, the night of the ball drop is always the most hyped night of the year for clubbers, and here at THUMP, we're proud to present Minimal Effort's NYE bash in Los Angeles, which will feature expert selectors like American house boss Marques Wyatt, Dirtybird bass bumper J.Phlip, LA trio Droog, German party starters andhim, Spanish tech titans Fur Coat, as well as Whitney Fierce, Tara Brooks, and Lee K.

With all of these awesome people soon to be banging beats under one roof, we figured we'd ask them how exactly they plan to change, grow, or just keep on keeping on in 2016. Check out their new year's resolutions below, buy tickets here, and we'll see you all on the dancefloor.

1) Marques Wyatt

New Year's Resolution: A busy DJ schedule, coupled with promoting your own events, can be a bit of a work vortex and time consuming at times. I'm sure many can relate. I'm grateful for the results of the hard work, but sometimes it causes frustration when not making enough time to "pick up the baby," as I like to say. As they say, "We must not allow the tail to wag the dog." Thus, my music production baby will no longer be crying in 2016, as I will be picking her up and nurturing her like a good papa again. No regrets; only A-C-T-I-O-N!.

2) J.Phlip

New Year's Resolution: Upgrade to J.Phlip 5.0. But before that, I have to upgrade J.Phlip's hardware to the most top of the line, state of the art, fastest processor, RAM, and hard drive. Her accessories are great, except for her cooling fan—gotta replace that, too. But all the rest—mental and physical—has to be upgraded so that she doesn't have a crash like she did last year when she tried to upgrade to J.Phlip 4.0. This year, we're going for the full upgrade without any major meltdowns. We are talking about me, of course, because I am a robot. And visit Iceland.

3) Droog

New Year's Resolution: Like every year, really: snag a remix from Carl Craig or DJ Koze for our Culprit label (or both, why not?). Oh, and sneak up on Donald Trump and set his stupid hair on fire."

4) Tara Brooks

New Year's Resolution: Reorganize my crazy mind and life... Although I somehow get everything done and then some, I know if I can find a better system to organize my mind, it'll create more balance and make life less chaotic, allowing more time, energy, and a proper flow for all the things I care about, and maybe some new positive things coming my way.

5) andhim

New Year's Resolutions:

Tobias: I really want to smoke more cigarettes next year. From one pack to at least three a day.

Simon: I'll start playing World Of Warcraft, building the most glorious and powerful guild of all time.

6) Fur Coat

New Year's Resolutions:
Sergio: It's been a hectic year for us. In 2015, we started eating healthier and drinking less. We think for 2016, we will continue on this journey, plus try to exercise a bit more and probably make time to do a sport that we like. As always, it is great to learn to choose your battles wisely. We do like to play long and play after-parties, but there are times we just have to behave and go to sleep!

Israel: Get more goodies in our studio and work harder and harder to consolidate our career and take our music to the next level. Start working on the creation of our own label. Get a hair transplant.

7) Whitney Fierce

New Year's Resolution: "Be approximately one half inch taller and use more multi-syllabic words in lyrics. They're related, directly."

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