People Describe Their Earliest Sexual Fantasies

"It happened while I was watching 'Dracula: Dead and Loving It.' I suddenly started to feel somewhat confused and a little guilty."

by Ana Iris Simón; illustrated by Carlos Santonja
Nov 9 2018, 4:30pm

Illustration by Carlos Santoja

This article originally appeared on VICE Spain.

I was watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? at my grandparents' house when it happened: Jessica Rabbit appeared on screen moving her hips from side to side, blinking slowly, and talking with more confidence than I'd ever seen. At ten years old, I suddenly understood what it meant to be sexy.

About 15 years later, I shared this fantasy with a friend of mine whose first erotic fantasy also revolved around a beautiful woman, albeit a real one and not a cartoon. That got me wondering about other people's sexual awakenings, so I asked some friends to cast their minds back to their first fantasies.

Michelle, 30

"I think it must have happened while I was watching Dracula: Dead and Loving It because I suddenly started to feel somewhat confused and a little guilty. I was lying next to my sister in our parents' bed and this scene came on where a couple of vampires seduced a guy staying in Dracula's castle. It only lasted for a minute, but I couldn't get it out of my head. I was too young at the time to masturbate, but I remember touching my belly and neck, thinking about the vampires the whole time. It gave me goosebumps."

Marta, 25

"When I was nine years old, I'd imagine that my elderly neighbors would invite me over to let me use their pool. While I was in the pool, they would just stare at me. Over time, this thought became more sexual. I just liked the idea that they were fantasizing about me in my bikini. I didn't masturbate over it, but it made me horny."

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Carlos, 27

"We didn't really have the internet in our home back when I was young, so my parents bought or rented—I obviously never asked—their porn films. I know this because, one afternoon, while they were chatting with another couple after dinner, I found their stash while hiding in the cupboard in their room.

"One of the videos really caught my eye. It was a porn version of Snow White, which featured a gang bang. At first, I got scared because I didn't really understand what was happening. It seemed especially weird because it was a sort of perversion of a story that I had been told many times, starring a woman with really big tits. The next day, I told a more street-wise classmate about it, who explained it all to me. From then on, every time I thought about it I would get all hot and flustered."

Noa, 29

"When I was around eight years old, I would play out the same scenario in my head: I was standing in our school playground, facing a line of all the people I liked. At the front of the line were the ones I really, really liked—usually the older ones—and at the back of the line were those I only really liked. I just stood there as they each walked past and gave me a kiss. It was perfect."

Irene, 23

"I think my first fantasy was of the main characters in the TV show H2O: Just Add Water because it was on around the same time I started masturbating. I remember thinking about these teenage girls who were also mermaids, in their bikinis, touching each other on the beach. I think it's a good fantasy to have because it's imaginative, and porn has us all used to not relying on our imagination."

Daniel, 24

"The first time I remember getting horny, I was imagining myself in Harry Potter, and especially sitting next to Draco Malfoy in class. It was just the sensation of being around them all, sometimes even playing close together on the playground. Eventually, we'd start kissing and touching each other, but it was always in a very clumsy way. I guess I had no idea how two men had sex, and it was the most I could imagine as a gay 12-year-old."

Lila, 33

"Back in the summer of 1994, when I was around ten years old, it rained for days, so we watched the entire Back to the Future series. I remember seeing Michael J. Fox for the first time and experiencing a physical sensation that I had never experienced before. I remember sweating and having this knot in my stomach. From there, I couldn't stop obsessing over him the rest of the summer."

Alba, 30

"My first fantasy was of Harry Potter. At first it was more romantic than sexual, but gradually it got more raunchy. But I eventually swapped Harry for Robert Pattinson when I got older."

Pol, 37

"I remember it clearly. I created a scenario in my head based on my favorite comic book characters, like He Man or Conan the Barbarian. In the fantasy, I was wearing just a loincloth, while—for some reason—tied to a crucifix. Some evil women with large breasts and dressed in leather suits had captured a bunch of us. We would try and break free, but it was always impossible.

"Suddenly, they would put down their weapons and start licking my body, slowly making their way down. The women then ended up naked, and I would have sex with all of them—first hanging from the cross, and then free. Afterward, we would try to flee, but they would chase us down again. I'm actually somewhat proud this was my first sexual fantasy. Even now, when I'm feeling down, I sometimes turn to it."

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