AAAA's Remix of Demian Licht's "Furia" Shows How Good the Mexican Techno Scene Is

He lends the original a dose of claustrophobic energy.

Dec 12 2016, 9:05pm

Demian Licht. Not in the picture and not the corpse either: AAAA promo photo

"When it comes to the future, this place is a very fertile place. But it still holds on too much to the past, to misogyny, sexism, injustice, and I want to change it with music and technology," explained Demian Licht, when we recently asked her about her home country of Mexico. "Because, believe me, it is quite crazy over here."

The producer, DJ, and owner of Motus Records from Mexico City continues to advocate change with the release of her Female Criminals Vol 1 Remixed EP tomorrow, on December 13. The release gathers four remixes by artists from Mexico and Brazil, including Erica Alves, Dig-it, A-rp and, AAAA.

The latter is the alias of Gabo Barranco, who was born in Paris but grew up in Mexico City. His excellent debut album as AAAA, Shiva Watts, was recently re-released by Berlin's Antime label on vinyl. Now, Barranco brings his claustrophobic re-interpretation of Licht's "Furia," masterfully suppressing the original's raging energy until the groove finally erupts. This THUMP premiere of is definitely a reminder that you should always keep an ear and an eye on the Mexican scene.

In other news, Demian Licht has just released her new video for "Domina" (remixed by A–rp on the new EP) that the Mexican shot during an autumn stay in Berlin, featuring the city's enormous and striking post-WWII Soviet Memorial.

You can watch the video in full here and listen to the track below.

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