See in the Summer with Roska and Serocee's Ferocious "In My Zone"

Here's what happens when UK Funky, dancehall, and a ton of blue paint meet for a massive party.

Mar 30 2017, 2:06pm

What happens when you combine a UK Funky legend with one of the most distinctive voices in British music and a large branch of Homebase's worth of blue paint? The answer is this thrilling video for the brand new Carnival-ready scorcher from Roska and Serocee.

"In My Zone" sees Roska pairing his heavily-swung take on dancehall with Serocee's customary barks and the result has got us running around the parks of London screaming "WHEN I'M IN MY ZOOOOOOONE," at the top of our lungs, night after night. Somehow we've not been served with an ASBO just yet. Well done us.

Arriving on Roska's own Roska Kicks & Snares label on the 7th of April, we can guarantee you that it'll be spun at every decent party in the country between now and the August bank holiday weekend—and you won't ever tire of it.

Check out the raw and raucous video above, right here on THUMP.

In My Zone is out on April 7th via Roska Kicks & Snares. Grab it here.