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A Restaurant Gave a Customer a Discount for Having Great Facial Hair

What has your beard done for you?

by Phoebe Hurst
Jan 10 2017, 1:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Douglas Whitfield

Historians may have told us that facial hair is totally over for 2017 and beloved Hollywood stars are shaving their beards on live television but in Texas, it seems that a man with good scruff can still turn heads—and more.

As PerthNow reports, a photograph has surfaced on Imgur that appears to show a receipt from Twisted Root, a burger restaurant with several locations in the state. The unnamed customer ordered burgers, fries with peppercorn ranch dressing, and—what's this? He or she also got one cent deducted from the order total, with the reason given as "BEST BEARD."


Photo courtesy Imgur.

It might not be the world's greatest discount, but you can't argue with the glowing admiration in those all caps. This must have been a pretty special beard. We're imagining Jake Gyllenhaal at the Golden Globes or a RuPaul's Drag Race-worthy glitter beard.

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It's not the first time Twisted Root has awarded an unusual discount to one of its diners. Back in 2012, International Business Times reported on another receipt from the chain showing that one cent had been slashed off the bill of a female customer who was deemed to have the "best butt." A Reddit user claiming to work for the burger chain responded to say that such receipts were legit, as staff are allowed to add "fun discounts" onto customers' bills.

It's debatable how "fun" it is to objectify women's bodies as they eat fried pickles, so let's just hope that both she and the anonymous bearded diner enjoyed their compliments. And that the latter remembered to check his moustache for ranch dressing.