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This Pizza Place Is Rewarding Customers Wearing Star Wars Costumes in Honor of Carrie Fisher

While most of us have been paying our respects to Carrie Fisher on social media, some Star Wars fans have gotten creative in the mourning.

by Brad Cohen
Dec 30 2016, 5:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Johnny Silvercloud

Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher died Tuesday, and legions of fans have spent the week mourning the woman best known for her role as Princess Leia. While most of us just went the standard route of writing open letters and posting on Facebook, some Star Wars fans got appropriately creative in the ways they paid their respects, including a lightsaber vigil, a second-line parade, and—our personal favorite—giving out free pizza.

Yep, New York pizza joint Champion Pizza has been giving out free slices to anyone who comes in dressed as a Star Wars character, and entire pies for anyone who does up those iconic side buns and dons a white dress for their best Leia impersonation.

Soho pizzeria is giving out free slices to #StarWars fans who stop by in costume to honor #CarrieFisher

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The promotion began Wednesday, and since then, a steady line of Chewbaccas, stormtroopers, and Leias have been lining up for pizza. And yes, the staff has been rocking Star Wars gear, as well.

Champion owner Hakki Akdeniz, a Turkish native who said Star Wars helped him learn English, told Pix 11 that he served Fisher years ago when she came into a pizzeria he was working at, and she left a $100 tip. About a decade later, Akdeniz said he expects to give out about 10,000 free slices by the time the deal ends Friday night. Talk about paying forward.

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