Alleged Drake Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Says Meek Mill's Crew Beat Him Up

"I shed blood in a Nike Store."

Mar 25 2016, 7:38pm

Tensions between Drake and Meek Mill have settled down since the "Summer Sixteen"/"War Pain" standoff earlier this year, but a new interview with Quentin Miller, the Georgia songwriter caught in the middle of the two former friends' beef, suggests things got physical once. Miller sat with DJ Vlad and watched a piece of an interview with New York podcast soldier Taxstone, who said that Quentin refused an offer to write for Meek and subsequently got beat up in a shoe store.

Quentin dodges the accusation about ghostwriting but admits running into Meek and his Dreamchasers entourage in a Nike Store after the beef popped off: "This was my first time really talking with Meek and basically he told me that he didn't appreciate the letter that I dropped, and it made it seem like he was a liar." According to Miller, Meek walked away and a member of his entourage stayed behind demanding he admit to lying in a Tumblr post refuting claims he's ever written for Drake. When he refused, he immediately caught a sucker punch. "I shed blood in the Nike store."

It's worth noting that the Tumblr post where Quentin Miller talks about collaborating with Drake but never writing his lyrics has since disappeared. Watch the full interview, including Taxstone's intel, below.

UPDATE:Meek Mill appears to have responded on Instagram. Check that out underneath the video.

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