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James Blake Releases a Sweet, Surprise Cover of Don McLean’s “Vincent”

It's warm and twinkly and it mentions a "Starry, starry night," so "Vincent" is basically a Christmas song.

by Alex Robert Ross
Dec 24 2017, 11:29am

James Blake, the world's most charming and delicate-sounding popstar, has released a cover of Don McLean's 1972 single, "Vincent." The song appeared on streaming services and on Blake's social media first thing on Christmas Eve. It's a straightforward cover, free from effects and loops and echoes, foregrounding Blake's piano and delicate, immediately recognizable voice. "Vincent," originally written as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh, isn't strictly a Christmas song, but it's warm and twinkly and it mentions a "Starry, starry night," which holiday-friendly enough. Listen to James Blake's "Vincent" at the top of the page.

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