Why I Keep Coming Back to 'Minecraft'

While other games collect dust on the shelf, ‘Minecraft’ continues to collect my time and affection.

Apr 25 2017, 4:00pm

In post-Trump 2017, finding a game that I can come back to time and time again to take me out of the world for a bit has been a challenge. Through a recent flu episode and real-life shit kind of falling apart around me, I've found Minecraft to be a shining light.

I'm staying out of public servers and sticking with friends to create bustling towns, happy homes, and rollercoasters. I'm feeling good.

All screens captured by author

Looking at my games while I'm woozy, fever-ridden, and too sick to go outside but not quite sick enough to sit still is always a roller-coaster. The sometimes trophy-hunter in me wanted to open Horizon Zero Dawn, the slacker in me wanted to finally start Nier: Automata, but the sick, (usually) level-headed me opened Minecraft. It's been a game that has time and time again taken me down a level and reminded me that it's okay to take it easy. It's okay to chill.

Minecraft has consistently been the game that has allowed me to not only escape some of the crumbling things around me, but allowed me to open up my creative brain and get closer to my friends.

There's harmony in Minecraft. Sure, there are monsters and a million ways to die, but I can bet my friends will jump down into a ravine with some food and weapons to help me out. Also, I found 19 diamonds yesterday. 

I even made it to hell and back. I'm feeling good.