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Button-Mashing 'Tekken' Players Rejoice, Eddy Gordo Is Back

Fail upwards with Tekken’s resident leg sweeper.

by Zack Kotzer
Feb 23 2017, 9:30pm

Leaked images from a press event in Brazil suggests that Tekken 7, the upcoming entry in the definitive 3D fighting game series, will feature Eddie Gordo. Fittingly enough, Gordo is a Brazilian character and uses the fast-paced Capoeira fighting style in the ring.

That isn't why some players may be excited, or horrified, to learn that Gordo will continue to keep up appearances in the Tekken series. Ever since his introduction in 1997 with Tekken 3, Gordo has been the ideal warrior for people who just generally suck at the game.

Every fighting game has one or two of them. From Cable to Captain America, the Marvel vs. Capcom games have more than their fair share. These are characters who cater to crude button mashers, players who don't know what they're doing but can get away with murder by pressing all the buttons at random.

Button mashers aren't invincible by any means, but move sets that are fast, flow well, and don't require a lot of technical finesse can create unpredictable situations. If you were a chess player, you might get a little nervous if you found out your next opponent was a chess-playing dog that just rolls around on the table and likes to eat bishops.

Fighting game fans don't exactly adore those characters or that style of play, but for the hopeless fighting game fans who enjoy playing more than winning, Eddy Gordo has always meant so much more. I, for example, a guy who sucks at Tekken, am a big fan!

Eddy Gordo has had disciples in the series, Christie Monteiro is the daughter of Gordo's master and took his slot in Tekken 4 (Gordo was still unlockable), but he's largely a constant. Gordo isn't just effective with button mashing, he looks pretty damn good doing it. He almost looks like you know what you're doing. He's a bit of wish fulfillment for the kinds of people who imagine themselves able to rise to the occasion without ever practicing for it. Those who imagine themselves master fighters, socializers, debaters, heroes, and video game players entirely in their imagination. Gordo is the rare manifestation of that in the real world. To everyone else he's a spinning top made of sweeping legs.