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Video: Bingo Players - "Buzzcut"

A new video from the Dutch DJ superstars shows that big-room house makes old people rage too.

by THUMP Staff
Aug 26 2013, 8:00pm

Bingo Players bring us their music video for "Buzzcut", featuring senior citizens who take everyday elderly activities over the edge and unleash total chaos on their town. When indie director Brendan Huza saw that Dutch superstars were crowdsourcing videos for their Beatport-chartbuster, he decided that "it would be cool to do something people wouldn't expect to go with this kind of music."

That explains why he filled his winning video with the visual antithesis to Bingo Players' balls-to-the-wall electro house sound: old people. Specifically, old people knitting, old people hobbling across roads, and old people playing bingo (get it?). But as the song's chunky synths and sandbag-heavy bass build into a frenzied climax, Huza's hand-drawn geriatrics also get increasingly…testy. Just watch it and witness the devolution for yourself.

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