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What the Hell is a Decentralized Dance Party?

We solve one of life's bigger mysteries.

by THUMP Staff
Sep 16 2015, 1:57pm

Life can be a baffling thing. Most of us roam through it under the darkness of confusion. There's only so much we can take in and on, only so much we can know. What exactly are carbs? How does TV work? Who decides what money's actually worth? What the fuck is a decentralized dance party?

Sadly we've only got an answer for one of those questions but it's the most important of the lot. It turns out that a decentralized dance party is, in fact, well, this...

Basically — if porn has ruined your attention span so much that a two minute YouTube video feels like a Bela Tarr movie — a DDP is a completely portable party. Hundreds of battery powered boomboxes provide the tunes, and humans provide the atmosphere. It was invented by two blokes called Tom and Gary. Tom and Gary decided to have some fun by messing about with FM frequencies after realizing that they could be manipulated en masse to create a kind of anarchic street party that's totally unreliant on external sources. They even have a manifesto. Check it the party in action here:

Tomorrow sees the lads bring the DDP set-up to London for the first time. They're keeping the exact details pretty firmly under wraps for now but assure us that if you head over here, you'll find out a bit more. Keep your eyes peeled for a swarm of boombox-toting fancy dressers cavorting round the city. It's probably a decentralized dance party in action.