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George Martin, the Guy Who Made the Beatles the Beatles, Has Died

"If anyone earned the title of the fifth Beatle, it was George," Paul McCartney wrote on his website.

by Helen Donahue
Mar 9 2016, 3:39pm

Legendary Grammy Award–winning producer Sir George Martin—the "fifth Beatle" who helped sculpt four guys from Liverpool into the fucking Beatles—has died of natural causes at the age of 90.

Martin produced the majority of the Beatles' music, famously experimenting with them in the studio and bringing his great eye for arranging to their songs. Throughout his career, Martin produced 30 number-one hit singles in the UK and 23 in the United States, including Elton John's "Candle in the Wind," and worked with big names like Kate Bush, Cheap Trick, and America.

Martin was nominated for an Oscar for his score in A Hard Day's Night, was knighted in 1996, and joined the American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

Both surviving Beatles took to the internet to express their sadness for the loss of their long-time collaborator and friend. Late Tuesday night, Ringo Starr tweeted a confirmation of Martin's death and thanked him for all his "love and kindness."

Paul McCartney paid tribute to Martin and his influence on the Beatles on his website, saying, "[George] was a true gentleman and like a second father to me. He guided the career of the Beatles with such skill and good humor that he became a true friend to me and my family.

"If anyone earned the title of the fifth Beatle, it was George," he wrote.

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