Nina Kraviz Speaks Out Against Critics of Her Melbourne DJ Performance

Members of the Smalltown festival crowd who wanted a conventional techno set clearly didn't know what they had signed up for.

Nov 14 2016, 6:24pm

Photo by Paola Kudacki. This post ran originally on THUMP Germany.

While she's usually billed as a techno DJ, Nina Kraviz has always been an artist who's not afraid to turn up the weird and catch an audience off guard with a quick shift in tempo of change in genre. Apparently, however, fans at a recent gig in Melbourne didn't know what they had signed up for when they bought a ticket to see her play. Billed to spin a three-hour set at the city's Smalltown festival this past weekend, Kraviz took to Facebook to explain how many revelers who attended the gig complained and criticized the experimental of her performance that night, and in some cases even asked for refunds.

In her response, Kraviz defends the spontaneous nature of her DJingand noted how her experimental style is a result of her upbringing in a music space where people didn't always stick to one style and often shifted moods. In the case of her set in Melbourne, the Russian DJ and producer speculates the audience was probably expecting a more conventional, linear techno performance, and that those who know her well should usually understand that's not what she always offers to a crowd.

Kraviz also breaks down some of the actual tracks—ranging from ghetto house to psychedelic Ricardo Villalobos productions—that led to specific moments of style fluctuation and probably piqued the aggravation of certain members of the audience.Check out her full post below, as well as a posting from a dissatisfied attendee.

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