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This Tesla Model S Was Torn Apart and Rebuilt So It Could Drive Itself

The S must stand for smooth operator.

by Jordan Valinsky
May 27 2015, 7:15pm

For all of its technological advancements, the Tesla Model S should do the driving for you. Although it's getting there with a raft of new "autopilot" features, it still has to be manually driven around like it's a dinky Ford.

That is unless you're behind the wheel of this Model S (as seen above). The engineers at Bosch created an autonomously operated version of the Tesla that includes multiple scanners, video cameras and a "massive great PC in the back to hold hi-res maps and crunch the incoming data via bespoke algorithms."

British lad mag Stufftook the Tesla out for a spin and, judging by their headline, was surprised it didn't crash. In fact, the video shows the opposite of that, because the Tesla flawlessly floats down the test track with few issues.

"Stopping quickly, driving at snail's pace, accelerating into the distance: the Tesla reacted to the lot in a considered, sedate, measured manner," it wrote.

In other words: We didn't die! Congrats to all involved.