VICE Illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham’s ‘Michael’ Has Finally Met His ‘DOOM’

The comic character’s always loved video games—and now he’s in one of the medium's most famous creations.

by Mike Diver
Nov 22 2016, 8:44pm

Above: Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

You've almost certainly seen the work of Belfast-based illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham on the pages of Waypoint—in addition to several article commissions, he's responsible for the artwork that adorns our social accounts (like Facebook, and Twitter). Or perhaps you've checked out his comic strip for VICE, Michael. If you've not, you should, right here

Michael, the subject of Michael, is something of a man-child (in the writer's words), who regularly turns to video games in order to escape the dullness of his everyday, a world in which he feels isolated.

Now, Michael's reached the very deepest point of his immersion into video games: he has his own DOOM mod. Which you can play, by downloading it from Robert Prest, aka Superpomme's website—he's the same modder who made No Guy's Sky, which we covered here, and the DayZ-riffing DoomZ.

"It's a level based on Michael's bedroom," says Stephen, "which also contains a secret chamber, leading to a super shotgun and characters from the comic in demonic form."

Check out a video of the mod in action below, and follow Stephen on Twitter here. A printed collection of Michael strips is available soon via Space Face Books, more info on which is here.

Stephen Maurice Graham