We Made a Beer-Battered Version of the KFC Double Down

It might not have the Colonel’s blend of 11 herbs and spices, but it's still finger lickin' fantastic.

by Munchies Staff
Jun 24 2017, 2:00pm

Remember back in 2010 when KFC thought it was a good idea to make a cheese and bacon sandwich, but decided to replace traditional buns with ones made of fried chicken? The plan for the Double Down was so absurd that KFC—the same company that brought us real-life chicken-scented sunscreen and chicken-flavored chocolate truffles—decided to announce the release on April Fool's Day.

But what started out as a pseudo joke that was only supposed to stay on the menu for a limited time became a long-standing menu item because, well, KFC underestimated just how gross we are. Or perhaps just how much weed we smoke.

Because if you're sober, deep-fried chicken buns bookending ultra-processed cheese and bacon might sound like the kind of greasy gut bomb better suited for an episode of Man V. Food than for your own personal reality. But if you're stoned, drunk, hungover, or really in any altered state, it's an extra crispy dose of heaven. That's why we made our own version.

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Except we've kicked it up a notch with a couple key tweaks: 1) Using decent quality chicken, and 2) adding beer to the batter, which both gives the chicken a light, crispy breading, and gives you something to drink for a little hair of the dog.

It might not have the Colonel's blend of 11 herbs and spices, but it's still finger lickin' fantastic.