Behold, The Most Immaculate Gingerbread House Ever

The massive dessert-sculpture epitomizes #holidaygoals.

by Diana Shi
Dec 18 2016, 12:50pm

All images courtesy the artist

An ambitious hobbyist, turned accomplished baker, turned cookbook author steps into her crafting niche by creating a decadent holiday castle. Christine McConnell, expert baker and architecture-savvy aesthete, completes a massive, intricate gingerbread house. Putting in nearly 270 hours of work spread over 20 days, as well as pounds and pounds of icing, McConnell forms an edible chef d' oeuvre without a single cardboard support in sight. Fine-tuned with impeccable detail and realistic, epochal design, the creation towers over typical gingerbread houses with its castle-sized proportions and dark, romantic feel.

All of the ingredients required for the artistic creation include “simple stuff you can find at any grocery store,” McConnell shares. “This project was a huge undertaking for me. I usually try to limit projects to two weeks, but I got so excited about this that I ended up getting a little carried away."

"I love architecture," she continues, "always have. When I was ten years old, I had a dream about a weird house and when I woke up, I had to build it out of cardboard and whatever else I could find, so I guess I’ve been fiddling with this sort of thing for a while.”

Photographs of her edible creations are frequently complimented by the artist wearing her own glamorous fashion designs and deft photo-editing. The artist’s claim to fame bridges many talents, but she's best known for fashioning astonishing baked goods. Take a closer look at the gingerbread castle and small accessories, like a chocolate-peppermint reindeer cake and tiny porcupine brownies, which give the composition a new degree of artistry. McConnell recently released a book of creepy-cute treats accompanied by recipes, entitled Deceptive Desserts.

Christine McConnell shares her recipe for creating your own gingerbread castle in’s feature of her, here.


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