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Why Bartenders Need to Think Like Chefs

It often feels like bartenders and chefs at the same restaurant operate in the own worlds. But at Nightbell, drinks are meant to pair with and even season the food.
Ashlie Stevens

Mississippi Brewers Might Finally Be Allowed On-Premises Beer Sales

The traditionally religious state has a historically complicated and antiquated relationship with beer, but now Mississippi's beer industry is pushing for a bill that would allow brewers to sell their products at their own breweries.
Ashlie Stevens

I Ate a Biblical Burger Aboard a $100 Million Ark

I visited the the Ark Encounter—a Christian theme park whose crowning attraction is a 510-foot-long ark that was built based on specifications written in the Old Testament account of Noah—to see if the food on offer was as epic as the ship.
Ashlie Stevens

This Restaurant Is Bringing the Craft Cocktail Revolution to Hilton Head

On an island better known for fried seafood and sugary slushie drinks, Lucky Rooster is upping the local cocktail game with its forward-thinking bar program.
Ashlie Stevens

This Louisville Bartender Thinks Mint Juleps Are for Tourists

Keri Smith, the head bartender at Doc Crow's on Louisville's historic Whiskey Row, says that ordering a mint julep at any time except during the Kentucky Derby will mark you as a tourist.
Ashlie Stevens
Craft Beer

Will Franchising Help or Hurt Craft Beer?

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the skyrocketing interest in craft beer and attempting to insert it into a traditional franchising model.
Ashlie Stevens

Kentucky's Most Famous Sandwich Is a Glorious Mess of Meat and Cheese

The Hot Brown is an open-faced turkey sandwich on Texas toast that is covered in a creamy, delicate Mornay sauce. And it's a favorite in Louisville.
Ashlie Stevens

Techies Want to Reinvent How We Cook

A new generation of chefs and home cooks are embracing the principles of maker culture and applying them in the kitchen, going well beyond simple food hacks.
Ashlie Stevens

This Man Is Making Kimchi Taste Like Bourbon

Kimchi and bourbon are both strong personalities—so strong, perhaps, that they should stay far apart. But Joe Banet of Funked and Fermented Kimchi Lab believes the exact opposite, and he's mixing barrel char into one powerfully pungent jar.
Ashlie Stevens

This Kentucky Distillery Is Blasting David Bowie Songs to Flavor Its Brandy

Joe Heron of Louisville's Copper & Kings distillery says that “happy brandy makes happy drinking,” and believes that the gentle vibrations of music assist in the aging process for his craft spirits. He draws the line at Katy Perry, though.
Ashlie Stevens

This Actual Sausage-Fest Attracts 200,000 Pork Obsessives

What do you do when you expect 1,000 sausage fans but get five times that many? “We ran back to the factory, grabbed everything we possibly could, and brought back enough [sausage] for the festival to go on.” And this year, we're talking 200,000.
Ashlie Stevens

Why Award-Winning Chefs Are Still Looking for Unpaid Internships

Revered chefs around the country are bartending for free and taking classes to learn how to farm, can produce, and even write—all in the name of seeing food from a different angle.
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