Austin Williams

Austin is a Harlem based writer, and considers himself the most emotional man living above 125th street. His office hours are held in front of the bodega from 7 pm to 4 am. His life's goal is to learn how to Diddy Bop. You can follow him on Twitter @austinxwill.

Fighting Words

I’m a Black Man and I Want a Black Woman Therapist

What I’m hoping for is a therapist with some elevated, intersectional, enlightening take on black manhood.
Austin Williams
mental health

The 'Woke' Men on TV Still Have a Long Way to Go

Schmidt from 'New Girl' desperately needs therapy.
Austin Williams
Rajul Punjabi
We Asked

We Asked NCAA Football Players Why They’re Not Scared of Brain Damage

Even though every piece of research linking concussion to their potential next step—the NFL—is terrifying.
Austin Williams
We Tried It

Hangover Cures Are a Lie

I got wasted several weekends in a row for the sake of research. You're welcome.
Austin Williams
We Asked

New Dads Tell Us What Freaked Them Out in the Delivery Room

"He was this screaming little blue nugget."
Austin Williams

We Asked People What Health Problems They Hide From Their Partners

It's not a lie—it's just an omission of information.
Austin Williams
mental health

Where Mr. Porter Went Wrong in '13 Reasons Why'

We asked real high school psychologists to weigh in.
Austin Williams
Eat This

When Did Hip-Hop Get So Healthy?

A new documentary focuses on the movement to get fit or die trying.
Austin Williams
Asking for a friend

How Bad Is It to Leave Sweaty Gym Clothes On For Hours?

Have fun explaining that rash.
Austin Williams
survival guide

How to Live Alone Without Losing Your Shit

A psychologist walks us through the daunting realities of flying solo.
Austin Williams
Tonic Talks

We Talked to the Ex-NFL Player Going to Harvard For Neurosurgery

Myron Rolle is a black athlete who will soon be a black surgeon—two realities that come with contrasting expectations.
Austin Williams

The Enduring Legacy of Disney's Black Millennial Classic 'A Goofy Movie'

At its heart was its hit song "I 2 I" and the Bobby Brown collaboration that almost was.
Austin Williams